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UCMAS Odisha Head Office


MIG - 135, Anant Vihar (Phase - II), Pokhariput, Bhubaneswar

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Contact Info:

+91 90909 67559   •   +91 94373 57079

E-Mail: mail@ucmasodisha.in

Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday : 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday : 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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UCMAS Odisha Franchises

Since UCMAS began its operations in Odisha since 2002, several Franchises have chosen to partner with us and have received our continuous support throughout the years. To take a look at where all we have our UCMAS branches across Odisha, please refer to the following. In case you want to contact any particular Franchise Center for student enquiry, please contact +91 9090967559 to know more

Location: Gopalgaon

Franchise: Rasmi Gupta

Location : Sahadevkunta

Franchise : Dibyamayee Mishra

Location: Gandhi Nagar

Franchise: Sanghamira Patro

Location : Hillpatna

Franchise : Bharati Patra



Location: Bonth Chakk

Franchise: Sapan Ku. Mohanty

Location: Burla Town

Franchise: Sumita Panda




Location: Bapuji Nagar

Franchise: Tapas Patnaik

Location : Baramunda

Franchise : Madhuchanda Nanda

Location: Chintamaneswar

Franchise: Sasmita Manik

Location : DAV Chandrasekharpur

Franchise : Sabita Rout

Location: DAV Kalinga Nagar

Franchise: Suswapna Das & Sujata Mishra

Location : Dumduma

Franchise : Suswapna Das

Location: Ghatikia

Franchise: Snehasini Sahoo

Location: Hanspal

Franchise: Snehasini Sahoo

Location : IRC Village

Franchise : Jayashree Das

Location: Jharpada

Franchise: Basudha Misra

Location : Kalinga Nagar

Franchise : Suswapna Das

Location: Kanan Vihar (Phase - II)

Franchise: Tanuja Ray

Location: Kantabada

Franchise: Samir Ku. Sahoo

Location : Khandagiri

Franchise : Subhakanta Bhuyan

Location: Kharvel Nagar

Franchise: Raman Panigrahi

Location: Nayapalli

Franchise: Chinmayee Bhuyan

Location : Niladri Vihar

Franchise : Sanghamitra Senapati

Location: Nuagaon

Franchise: Pramod Kumar Bhuyan

Location : Palaspalli

Franchise : Tapas Patnaik

Location: Palasuni

Franchise: Binod Patnaik

Location : Patia

Franchise : Bibhudendu Sarangi & Priyanka Priyadarshini

Location : Patrapada

Franchise : Suswapna Das

Location : Prabhujee School

Franchise : Sabita Rout

Location : Pokhariput

Franchise : Sanjukta Shadangi

Location : Rangamatia

Franchise : Jayashree Das

Location : Saheed Nagar

Franchise : Amar Kumar Rout

Location : Sailashree Vihar

Franchise : Amar Kumar Rout

Location : Samantarapur

Franchise : Lipsa Mishra

Location : Siripur

Franchise : Sujata Mishra

Location : St. Joseph's High School

Franchise : Pramod Kumar Bhuyan

Location : Surya Nagar

Franchise : Madhumita Mahapatra

Location : Tankapani Road

Franchise : Jasmine Kar

Location : Vivekananda Marg

Franchise : Manjit Mishra

Location: MIG Housing Colony

Franchise: Dipti Ranjan Nayak

Location: Bhalkipatala

Franchise: Kalpana Sahoo



Location: Jajpur Road

Franchise: Sudharani Mohanty


Location: Tangi

Franchise: Krushna Routray



Location: Bajrakabati Road

Franchise: Laxmi Senapati

Location: CDA Sector - 6

Franchise: Pritish Pattnaik

Location: Ganga Mandir

Franchise: Ambika Prasad Das

Location: Jobra Road

Franchise: Minakshi Pattnaik

Location: Naya Bazar

Franchise: R. N. Dash

Location: DAV Public School

Franchise: Sanjukta Shadangi



Location: Chakratirtha Road

Franchise: Kishore Vedurla

Location: Ramaballav Road

Franchise: Pratima Mohanty

Location: Laxmi Bazar

Franchise: Chinmayee Bhuyan


Location: Kendrapada Town

Franchise: Prabhati Patra


Location: Debotter Colony

Franchise: Pramod Hota


Location: Masterpada

Franchise: Biswabhusan Samantaray


Location: Rayagada Town

Franchise: Prasant Mahapatra


Location: Basanti Nagar

Franchise: Deeptimayee Biswal

Location: Chhend

Franchise: Deeptimayee Biswal

Location: Civil Township

Franchise: Deeptimayee Biswal

Location: Civil Township

Franchise: Jyotirmayee Mohanta

Location: DPS Rourkela

Franchise: Sarojini Tripathy

Location: Fertilizer Colony

Franchise: Akshay Ku. Das

Location: Gyanjyoti Public School

Franchise: Rasmita Sahu

Location: Koel Nagar

Franchise: Deeptimayee Biswal

Location: Sector - 2

Franchise: Rasmita Sahu

Location: Sector - 3

Franchise: Jyotirmayee Mohanta

Location: Sector - 8

Franchise: Jyotirmayee Mohanta

Location: Sector - 19

Franchise: Sarojini Tripathy

Location: St. Joseph's High School

Franchise: Sarojini Tripathy


Location: Sundergarh Town

Franchise: Sadaf Atif Ali


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UCMAS in the state of Odisha is operated by Bhubaneswar Genius Academy Pvt. Ltd. since 2002 under the Master Franchise License granted by UCMAS India in association with UCMAS Global Office (Malaysia).

All Rights Reserved with UCMAS Malaysia.