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Six - Finger Technique

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The UCMAS Corporation has always stood for excellence and quality of education. As a result of that vision, the UCMAS Program today can proudly present the unique six-finger technique to operate on the Abacus for our UCMAS students. This form of Abacus Training is indeed a gift to the world from Prof. Dr. Dino Wong

Having begun the UCMAS Abacus training system in 1993 with the then-pioneering Two-Finger Technique and slowly graduating to the 4-Finger Technique in 1999, now starting from 2015UCMAS has taught the Six-Finger Technique to its students.

Its designed to use six fingers of a child to operate on the Abacus, and indirectly stimulate the remaining four fingers as well. They in turn stimulate six regions of the brain namely the Left and Right Pre-Frontal Cortex, Left and Right Post-Frontal Cortex and the Left and Right Parietal Lobes. These improves several cognitive skills of the child which in normal day-to-day life living, they usually miss out on.

Key Advantages of Six-Finger Technique over others ways to use Abacus:

  1. Extremely efficient way to operate the Abacus as to perform the same calculations, six fingers are used instead of two or four fingers.

  2. Simple to learn for students of all age groups between 4-13 years of age.

  3. Increases accuracy in calculation of all types including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots and fractions.

  4. Increased speed compared to other ways of operating the Abacus.

  5. The Six-Finger technique leads to activation of all the 10-fingers through indirect means, leading to higher cognitive development for UCMAS students.


An illustration of the different lobes of the human brain

A Video Presentation on UCMAS Six-Finger Technique