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We welcome you to join us as a UCMAS Franchise!

UCMAS Abacus, with its 27+ years of global experience with its presence in over 80+ countries and having touched the lives of more than 25,00,000 students through its 6000+ centers across the globe till date, is the perfect partner one can choose in case they want to start their own entrepreneurial journey in education.

UCMAS Learning Centers serve a real need of the hour today – to boost child development and brain power in kids aged 4 to 13. UCMAS Abacus offers them Visual Arithmetic and Abacus training which strengthens their memory, concentration and focus, increases self-confidence and leads to greater proficiency in math skills and overall academic achievement.

Becoming a Franchise owner of such a UCMAS Learning Center, it gives one a chance to lead a team of qualified and well-trained individuals and guide the parents through their children’s developmental journey. Its fulfilling to see children blossom right in front of yourself and chart out a path of success at such a young age!

We welcome you to be a part our network to join UCMAS Abacus, the journey for which is no doubt challenging but is abundantly rewarding in terms of revenue and the blessings of parents whose child’s lives you will be changing for the better!

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Advantages of UCMAS Franchise



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UCMAS to maintain quality, provides an intensive 12 day training to all Course Instructors.


Established in 1993, UCMAS has spread its wings in over 80+ countries worldwide.


With presence in over 6000+ centers across the worldUCMAS is the global market leader.


This stimulates several areas of the brain, thereby enhancing their cognitive abilities.


UCMAS guides the Franchises through the initial days with workable marketing techniques


As the requirements of UCMAS are limited, you'll be able to keep your operation costs low.


Due to affordable fees for students and low operations cost, you get a High ROI business.


UCMAS Global Office, through its scientific endeavors, regularly updates the curriculum.

UCMAS Franchise Requirements


Area Requirements

600 - 800 sqft (2 Classrooms, 1 Reception Area, Toilet and Drinking Water Facilities)


The ideal location of a UCMAS Center should be in a residential area or near a school to make the admission process more convenient.

Interior Design and Furniture

UCMAS Center Banner, Classroom and Interior Design colour schemes as per UCMAS norms.

We provide an initial set of designing materials for the UCMAS Center during launch.


For any furniture requirements, if required, we shall connect you to our official vendor at Bhubaneswar, Odisha once our Agreement is final.

From our experience, we have found that individuals who go on to attain success as a UCMAS Franchise share the following traits:


  1. Visit their UCMAS Center(s) regularly to stay connected with their staff and keep them motivated to contribute towards the growth of the Center.

  2. Enjoy interactions with parents, students at the UCMAS Center and provide quick resolutions to their queries.

  3. Generally skilled at student counselling and business development.

  4. Contribute approx. 15-20% of their Annual Revenue into several carefully planned marketing activities.

  5. Resourceful and are able to multi-task.

  6. Always eager to learn and execute new ideas which help promote the UCMAS Center.

  7. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  8. Solid leadership and management skills.

  9. Have the required vision and dedication to uphold and enhance the brand UCMAS across their respective communities.

UCMAS Franchise Investment and Revenue


The UCMAS Franchise system is made of three classes, based on location and per-capita income of the place.

  1. Class A (Municipal Corporations such as Bhubaneswar & Cuttack)

  2. Class B (Municipalities such as Bhadrak, Talcher, Berhampur and similar towns)

  3. Class C (Notified - Area - Councils such as Soro, Digapahandi and similar towns)

The investment required to open a UCMAS Franchise in these areas:

  1. Class A Fees - Rs. 1,22,000

  2. Class B Fees - Rs. 92,500

  3. Class C Fees - Rs. 74,800

This is inclusive of the UCMAS Franchise License + UCMAS Training Cost + Materials.


Return on Investment for all the three classes range from 120% upto 200% for well managed UCMAS centers.


For more details, please download our UCMAS Investment and Revenue Matrix.

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Certifiication and Accreditions

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ISO 9001:2015


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naeyc wix.jpg

National Association
for the Education
of Young Children, USA

waama wix.jpg

World Association of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, China

cza wix.jpg

Chinese Zhusuan Association, China

National Childhood Education International, USA

Recognition by Universities

mit wix.jpg

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 

uic san diego wix.jpg

University of California, San Diego, USA 

manchester wix.jpg

University of Manchester, England, UK

sums wix.jpg

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

ulster wix.jpg

Ulster University, N. Ireland


University of Khartoum, Sudan



guiness world record wix.jpg

Guiness World Records

guiness world record.jpg

Limca Book of Records

LimcaBookofRecords certificate wix.jpg
malaysian book of records.jpg

Malaysia Book of Records

malaysian book of records cert wix.jpg
the inaugural malaysian brand awards.png

Malaysia Brand Awards

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india book of records logo.jpg

India Book of Records

india book of records.jpg
asia book of records logo.jpg

Asia Book of Records

asia book of records.jpg

Canadian Franchise Association

canadian franchise association cert.jpg
canadian franchise association cert

The UCMAS Franchise system is robust and well-equipped with 27+ years of experience from around the world to help you begin your entrepreneurial journey in the field of education. Please fill out our Franchise Enquiry Form for contacting us!