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UCMAS Abacus

"Abacus", the word is derived from the Greek word "abax", meaning “calculating board” or “calculating table”The first Chinese Abacus was invented around 500 B.C. The Abacus, as we know it today, was used in China around 1300 A.D.

Abacus is often referred to as the first computer.


The UCMAS Abacus, based on the Japanese Abacus called 'Soroban' provides countable beads for children to visualize numbers on a base-10 system.

UCMAS applies the Abacus Mental Arithmetic Teaching Method as the enlightened teaching for the children.

The children learn to manipulate those beads to perform arithmetic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square roots, cubes and cube roots.


The Abacus Method, especially, will be able to double up the effectiveness and subsequently shorten their comprehensive time and obtain the effectiveness faster. The formation and development of mathematical concept and operation ability is the important part in developing children’s thoughts.

UCMAS Visual Arithmetic

Manipulating the beads of the Abacus helps children develop an ease with numbers and gives them a new perspective on how math works. Once students become adept at performing on the Abacus, they are trained to visualize the Abacus and ‘picture’ the beads moving as they swiftly solve problems in their mind. This emphasis on seeing in pictures is what sets the UCMAS approach apart.

As the UCMAS method focused on improving the right brain, which in 1993 not many institutions were aware of, the children were able to react faster, think nimbler and smartly, understand deeper and obtain a stronger remembrance on the lessons taught in school. Recognizing the causality of objects is the substantial feature of human thought. That's what made the student capable of visualizing the numbers on an Abacus, because they have a solid foundation and our course structure has improved several folds till today.

Mental Arithmetic works towards strengthening a child’s ability in abstract thought. Recognizing the causality of objects causes children to think smarter, strengthen their contingency ability; and also uphold their competitiveness, conception and judgement.

Visual Arithmetic, in UCMAS's case, is the essential building block that replaces the physical Abacus in the child’s mind. Using snapshots of a virtual Abacus enables students to engage their right brain and solve questions much more quickly than they could before. The figures that are to be calculated are visualized as beads on the Abacus, as opposed to numerals.


This crucial concept of thinking in pictures and using the right brain leads to clearer thinking, improved memory, faster calculation speed and greater efficiency and accuracy. By the end of the UCMAS program, students will have stored over 450,000 Abacus images in their memory.

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